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Mark it in your diaries!

In the October 21st Halloween special of PLL, titled ‘We Love You to DeAth’, we will find out when A will be revealed!

I know it’s not an exact identity but at least we are getting somewhat closer - at least we know when to expect this big reveal!

This Halloween special should be pretty cool - it’s not an actual episode that is picking up right after Mona’s murder, rather it is a special where the girls sit down and simply chat about the show.

I cannot wait to find out when A will be revealed!
My best guess is the season 6 mid-season finale (6x12) at absolute earliest, or the season 6 finale (6x24) at absolute latest.
The writers are DEFINITELY aware that people are getting impatient so I can’t see them leaving it for season 7. Besides, Marlene did say it is closer than we think!


you don’t know how much i regret hurting you.

"I just realized that maybe you thought of her as more than a friend before she left."

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